Combine run issue

Hi all,
I’m trying to run the combine post-processor and come across the following error:

WARNING File does not exist:INFILE5
Value for GENSPEC: N returning FALSE
Value for IOAPI_CHECK_HEADERS not defined;returning default: FALSE
Variable name VNAME3D( 40 ) = “BENZENE” duplicates VNAME3D( 10 ) = “BENZENE” in file “OUTFILE”
(some more variables set)
Error creating netCDF variable BENZENE
netCDF error number -42 processing file “OUTFILE”
NetCDF: String match to name in use OUTFILE:/central/groups/seinfeldgroup/CMAQ_EAP_base5.2.1/data/LA4km/cctm_output/
>>—>> WARNING in subroutine OPEN3
File not available.
ERROR while openning OUTFILE

I don’t know why it’s trying to open INFILE5 when there should be only 4 input files. And it also should be able to create the OUTFILE, but I’m not sure why it’s replicating the BENZENE variable. Any advice?

The warning about INFILE5 is not a problem, the program will simply try to open INFILE1, INFILE2, …INFILEn until it finds one that isn’t defined. In your case, it seems only INFILE1 through INFILE4 are defined in the run script so the program attempts to open INFILE5, determines that it isn’t defined, and then proceeds with INFILE1 - INFILE4.

The error message about BENZENE suggests that it is defined twice in your species definition file. If you post the file, we can have a look at it.

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Thank you! BENZENE was defined twice in SpecDef_saprc07tb_ae6_aq.txt, and combine ran successfully when I commented out the second instance.

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Thanks for alerting us to the duplication of the BENZENE definition in SpecDef_saprc07tb_ae6_aq.txt. Commenting out or deleting one of the duplicate definitions is the correct fix.

It seems this duplication was present in CMAQ5.2 and CMAQ5.2.1 for the SpecDef files for the saprc07tb_ae6_aq, saprc07tc_ae6_aq, and saprc07tc_ae6nvPOA_aq mechanisms. It is also present in the CMAQ5.3 beta release CMAQ5.3.b2 for the SpecDef file for the saprc07tc_ae6_aq mechanism.

We will fix this issue in the final release of CMAQ5.3. We will not update prior releases. The fix described above should be used when encountering this issue with prior releases.


Thank you for helping us identify this problem and documenting the solution. This is now documented on the v5.2 and v5.2.1 Known Issues pages on GitHub.

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