Could not open ISAM_REGIONS in DESID

Dear all
I meet a problem when I was trying to run a ‘scaling emission’ case, see Figure.1.
My ‘CMAQ_Control_DESID_for_CPM.nml’ file set the ‘File_Label’ as ‘ISAM_REGIONS’, see Figure.2.
The ‘ISAM_REGIONS’ is an ‘nc’ file in my runscript, and I had checked this file in verdi, it works well, see Figure3.
Hope you give me advances. Thanks in advance.

Are you sure ISAM_REGIONS is defined in your run script?

It seems you might not be running ISAM, only an emission scaling case with the base model. In that case, CTM_ISAM might be set to N in your run script, and if so, ISAM_REGIONS might not be defined when you execute your script because its definition might be within an if ( $?CTM_ISAM ) then conditional block (that’s the setup in the example run_cctm_Bench_2018_12NE3.csh run script).

To reference a file labeled ISAM_REGIONS in the DESID namelist file, in the run script you’d need to define it outside the if ( $?CTM_ISAM ) then conditional block if CTM_ISAM is set to N.

Thanks for your suggestion, this problem has been solved.