Could run certain days instead of the whole month by using smoke4.7 with NEI2017 EPA's scripts?

Hi All,

I have a question to run certain days usng NEI2017 EPA’s EMF scripts. Could I continue to run from the stop day by setting spinup in scripts of NEI2017 package? For example, stop at Jul 20 due to time limitation, then I set:
setenv RUN_MONTHS “8”

Emissions modeling year

(i.e. meteorological year, not necessarily the inventory year"

setenv BASE_YEAR “2017”
setenv EPI_STDATE_TIME “{BASE_YEAR}-07-20 00:00:00.0" setenv EPI_ENDATE_TIME "{BASE_YEAR}-07-31 23:59:00.0”

I am not sure if it is reasonable, or is there other way to run certain days instead of the whole month for the scripts in NEI2017 package?

Thank you in advance!

Some instructions on running certain day’s have been added as Section 12 of this file:

Please let us know if this is still unclear after you review this new section.

Thank you for this information!

Did you already review the info on running SMOKE for part of a month in section 12 of this file?

Hi alison,

Thank you for your reply!
Yes, it works for me now, I set a wrong path for run_setting.txt before.