Smoke output file


I am using SMOKEv4.0 and would like to run a 8 day case. But I only got the output file of the first and last two days in the end of running. I can see the 3rd to 6th days have been assigned in the process but somehow override. Here is my environmental setting:

Mobile episode variables

setenv EPI_STDATE 2010335 # Julian start date
setenv EPI_STTIME 000000 # start time (HHMMSS)
setenv EPI_RUNLEN 1920000 # run length (HHHMMSS)
setenv EPI_NDAY 8 # number of full run days

Per-period environment variables

setenv G_STDATE 2010335 # Julian start date
setenv G_STTIME 000000 # start time (HHMMSS)
setenv G_TSTEP 10000 # time step (HHMMSS)
setenv G_RUNLEN 490000 # run length (HHMMSS)
setenv ESDATE 20101201 # Start date of emis time-based files/dirs
setenv MSDATE 20101201 # Start date of met time-based files
setenv NDAYS 2 # Duration in days of each emissions file
setenv MDAYS 2 # Duration in days of met time-based files
setenv YEAR 2010 # Base year for year-specific files

My question is that how can I get 4 output files? Each of them should contain two-day information.


You need to set NDAYS and MDAYS to 4 since each output file will hold 49 hours.

Hi Baek,

Thanks a lot for your quick reply. I have followed your instruction. However I still got two output files instead of four. The first file contains the information about the first two days. The second file contains the 5th day and 6th day. Do you have some comments on that? Thanks again for your patience.