Creating "tot" output for domains outside the U.S


I’m attempting to use inline dust emissions for a domain outside of the U.S. For this, a DUST_LU_1 and DUST_LU_2 file are needed. I am able to use GRIDCRO2D for the DUST_LU_1 (or can use the spatial allocator to create MODIS LU/LC types, then map to USGS types), but I’m unsure what is supposed to be in the DUST_LU_2 file. The documentation says it is the “tot” file and should contain the variable “FOREST”. I’ve tried using the benchmark data to discern how the USGS types are summed to create the “tot” file, but it is not clear. Any help is greatly appreciated - Thanks.


@cgnolte, do you know how this user can create DUST emissions for outside of the US?


Hi @lizadams and @cgnolte. -I was able to use the GRIDCRO files for dust emissions. Thanks.