Error Generating GR_EMIS_001

Hi All,

Hope you will be able to advise, I have generated my own gridded emissions files for CMAQ (not using SMOKE) as I needed some very spesific temporal and species profiles applied . I have generated a NetCDF file using the global attributes of the MET_CRO_3D file. When I view these emissions inputs in ncdump it appears to have the exact same format as the benchmark gridded emission file used by CMAQ, however when I run CCTM I get the following error:

Error reading IDs for variable AACD ACE
netCDF error number -49 processing file “GR_EMIS_001”
NetCDF: Variable not found

From reading this post, on the forum (Error creating GRIDMASK) it seems that I cannot create a CMAQ input from only NetCDF functions, and I have to use some I/O API tools also.

Since I now have gridded hourly emissions for each model species I don’t need to do temporal or species profiling.

Can anyone suggest the most efficient way to convert these emissiosns files into the format needed for CMAQ? Could I sure the Spatial-Allocator or m3tools perhaps? I have attached the output from ncdump -h my netcdf emissions input file.
FIRE_INDO_2019_D01_20190830_txt.txt (9.7 KB)

Many thanks!

One thing I notice immediately is that TFLAG is integer, and the emissions-variables should be float not double. This is likely to cause many sorts of trouble…


variable AACD ACE

is some sort of naming screw-up; this should be two separate names AACD and ACET; the internal data structures in the file-header are almost certainly garbled. You would do best to look at various m3tools conversion programs like camxtom3 and wrftom3 to see how to write a conversion tool…

Thanks very much for this, I was about to use wrftom3 to generate emissiosn files which are now running fine