Density of Vector Overlays

Hi CMAQ users:
I am trying to display my CMAQ model output with the overlay of wind vectors. However, it looks messy since the vector for each grid is shown. Is it possible to change the setting of the overlay vectors, e.g. only show every 5 of the grids? (It looks ok after zooming in a lot)

This section of the VERDI User Manual describes an option to control the density of the wind vectors.

You can enter an increment in the range 1-100 where 1=every grid cell (behavior in VERDI 1.5.0), 5=every 5th grid cell in both X- and Y-directions, etc.

Mine does not have this option, I am using version 1.5.0

Please try downloading a beta release version of VERDI 2.0 available from the following google drive location:
Windows version:
Mac version:
Linux version: