EmissCtrl Scaling factors

I modified this to change the scaling factors (SF) for some surrogates in a number of streas ( ~12 in all). While about 10 of the stream had the SF successfully applied (according to the LOG), two streams did not. I can’t think of why. The syntax is the same for all streams in question. Yet two of the streams do not show the SF are applied. The following is my notation

the AFD stream has the SF successfully applied but not the stream labeled AGG

‘EVERYWHERE’ ,‘AFD’ ,‘VOC_AN1’ ,‘ALL’ ,‘GAS’ ,2.0 ,‘MASS’,‘m’,! Scaling source VOC gas
‘EVERYWHERE’ ,‘AFD’ ,‘VOC_AN2’ ,‘ALL’ ,‘GAS’ ,2.0 ,‘MASS’,‘m’,! Scaling source VOC gas
‘EVERYWHERE’ ,‘AGG’ ,‘VOC_AN1’ ,‘ALL’ ,‘GAS’ ,2.0 ,‘MASS’,‘m’,! Scaling source VOC gas
‘EVERYWHERE’ ,‘AGG’ ,‘VOC_AN2’ ,‘ALL’ ,‘GAS’ ,2.0 ,‘MASS’,‘m’,! Scaling source VOC gas

Please post your run script, emission control file, and log file.

hi @cgnolte. Here are my files. Thanks for any insight on this. I’m completely baffled. CTM_LOG_20190723.txt (1.1 MB)
EmissCtrl_cb6r3_ae7_aq_mod_VOC.txt (34.8 KB)
run_cctm_2019_4k-CMAQ_final_model_run_Case_1.0_VOC.csh (38.6 KB)

Hi Abi0010,

I think this is a case of barely adequate but ultimately insufficient documentation on my part. I believe the pertinent lines of the log-file are 1419-1492. These lines are reporting a problem in applying the VOC_AN1 and VOC_AN2 chemical families. Each occurrence is reflective of a different line in your emission control file.

For example, the output that begins at 1419 is responding to stream AFD which has no gas phase species at all from what I can tell. Stream AGG gets the output beginning on lines 1455 and 1468 (because it has no particles). And PT_CMV gets the final output beginning on line 1481. What’s happening is the DESID module is expanding the definition of VOC_AN1 or VOC_AN2, depending on the case, and then looking for all of the components on the corresponding emission stream. If it can’t find all of them, then it prints the note and cancels the scaling rule for all the other species as well. In the case of AGG, I think it’s missing ACROLEIN and BUTADIENE13.

The confusion arises because I used the phrase, “did not appear on any emission stream input…” which is obviously false. I should have coded it to report the streams that it has searched for the species on the stream applicable for that rule.

If this is indeed the issue, I recommend the following solution:

  • Create a fourth chemical family identical to VOC_AN1 but without ACROLEIN and BUTADIENE13. Let’s call it VOC_AN3 for this conversation.
  • Change the lines in your emission control file for AGG and PT_CMV from VOC_AN1 to VOC_AN3.
  • Remove the line for VOC_AN1 for AFD since there are no gases.
  • Remove the line for VOC_AN2 for AGG since there are no particles.

Best wishes,

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Hi @Ben_Murphy. Thanks for this fix. I would never have discovered this as the solution! Very neat. By the way, thanks for providing the emis ctrl feature in CMAQv5.3.1. It is so awesome! I’m going to implement your recommended changes. I’ll provide you with the updates. Many thanks!

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@abi0010: You’re very welcome! I’m so glad DESID has been helpful to you. It’s very much a feature that benefits from getting feedback from users, and I really appreciate you sharing your experiences.