I am trying to run SMOKE v4.8.1 for an EGU facility. The ‘winter’ and ‘summer’ season runs are successful. But when I am trying to run ‘wintershld’ months, I am getting an error after running the daily script.

The error in the file
smkmerge_ptertac_wintershld_mar_2026fj_16j_20160301_12US1_TAGGED_MAGNETCOVE_cmaq_cb6ae7.txt (22.0 KB)

SMOKE is working without any issues for other EGU facilities for the ‘wintershld’ months using same SMOKE script. The ‘TEMPORAL’ and ’ SMKINVEN’ programs runs successfully.

I couldn’t find out why this error happening. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


It seems you are using ERTAC emissions.

The wintershld months are in spring and fall which IPM separates out separately but this may not be needed for ERTAC processing.

The scripts we provide are for IPM-based emissions, and the method you need for ERTAC may differ.

However, it looks like from the error message that an INLN variable is not defined.

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I created a new output directory for the ‘wintershld’ run. And it’s working.

Not sure why run was not successful in the same directory of ‘summer’ and ‘winter’ runs.

Great news! Thanks for the update…

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