ERROR ABORT in subroutine OPENPDOUT: SMOKE Run issues: EPA 2016v1 platform

Hello @eyth.alison @bbaek ,
I am trying to run a SMOKE simulation using EPA 2016v1 platform settings for the 2028 files. At first, I created two separate input files ( one file with 20 facilities tagged and another with rest of the facilities, all minus tagged ) from each cems & noncems input files

Then I modified only the file names of the EMISINV_A and EMISINV_B parameters in the SMOKE scripts
ARDEQ_Annual_ptegu_daily_winter_12US2_2028fh1_16j_TAGGED.csh.txt (7.6 KB)

Then I run onetime scripts and daily script. I get the following terminal error after running daily script

35.979u 0.280s 0:36.35 99.7% 0+0k 308576+4392io 0pf+0w
now checking log file /home/Michael/Documents/SMOKE/2016setupEPA/2028fh1_16j/intermed/ptegu_winter/logs/smkinven_ptegu_winter_jan_2028fh1_16j.log

  • ERROR detected in logfile:
  • /home/Michael/Documents/SMOKE/2016setupEPA/2028fh1_16j/intermed/ptegu_winter/logs/smkinven_ptegu_winter_jan_2028fh1_16j.log

ERROR: detected in Smkinven
ERROR: Running Smkinven for daily data import in jan_2016

Then I checked the smkinven log file. And the error is:

>>> WARNING in subroutine CHKFIL3 <<<
 Inconsistent file attribute NROWS for file PHOUR           
 Value from file:       2307
 Value from caller:       55
 Could not open file "PHOUR".
 *** ERROR ABORT in subroutine OPENPDOUT
 Could not open file "PHOUR".

Would you please help me understanding this error?

Thanks in advance

Smkinven can not overwrite the existing PHOUR file with different attributes like no of variables. You need to manually delete the previously generated PHOUR intermediated output file from Smkinven and then rerun Smkinven.

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Thank you so much @bbaek . It works