***ERROR*** BLDMAKE Compile failed

Hi everyone.I’m trying to compile CMAQ5.2 on AIX v7.1. I got the following error. I uploaded my log file. Have you ever encountered it, and how to solve it?
bldit_icon.txt (6.4 KB)
Thanks a lot.

I am not sure of the modifications you will need to make to get CMAQ to run using the AIX XL Fortran Compiler.

Your error indicates that the bldmake executable was not created, and this is likely due to incorrect compile options for the XL Fortran Compiler.

I found a list of options that can be chosen, but perhaps someone could comment on the options that would map from the list of compilers that we support including intel and gcc.


This is the section of the bldit_icon.txt that indicates the error.

rm: /gza/g3/yincq/zxue/model/cmaq_5.2/UTIL/bldmake/bldmake_xlf.exe: No such file or directory
“cfg_module.f”, line 409.10: 1512-001 (S) Input file n_includes was not found or is not defined.
1501-511 Compilation failed for file cfg_module.f.
“bldmake.f”, line 41.11: 1514-219 (S) Unable to access module symbol file for module modelcfg. Check path and file permissions of file. Use association not done for this module.

As a start, look at the I/O API’s ioapi/Makeinclude.AIX for flags. (That’s what you’ll be needing to build the I/O API’s libioapi.a anyway…)

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Thank for your reply. Now I’m trying to change the compile options but didn’t work. I wonder if it’s possible to have something to do with my previously installed library? For example, this n_includes file, is it the corresponding includes file in IOAPI or NETCDF? Could it be that I set the wrong path somewhere? I attached my installation library path file. I’m just getting started with CMAQ and I hope you’ll give me some help. Is there some more detailed explanation of these source files in the user manual?
Thanks a lot.

setenv IOAPI_MOD_DIR /gza/g5/graces/models/cmaq4.7.1/lib/ioapi_3.1/AIX
setenv IOAPI_INCL_DIR /gza/g5/graces/models/cmaq4.7.1/lib/ioapi_3.1/ioapi/fixed_
setenv IOAPI_LIB_DIR /gza/g5/graces/models/cmaq4.7.1/lib/ioapi_3.1/AIX
setenv NETCDF_LIB_DIR /gza/u/app/netcdf-4.1.3/lib
setenv NETCDF_INCL_DIR /gza/u/app/netcdf-4.1.3/include
setenv NETCDFF_LIB_DIR /gza/u/app/netcdf-4.1.3/lib #> netCDF Fortran directory path
setenv NETCDFF_INCL_DIR /gza/u/app/netcdf-4.1.3/include #> netCDF Fortran directory path

Thanks cjcoats. These libraries were installed before. I found this file related settings are like this.These variable names are different from CMAQv5.2 config_cmaq.csh, how should they be changed? Thanks a lot.

AR = ar
CC = xlc_r
FC = xlf_r
M4 = m4
CPP = cpp
LINK = $(CC)

MFLAGS = -qarch=auto -qtune=auto

COPTFLAGS = -O3 -q64 {MFLAGS} -DAUTO_ARRAYS=1 -DF90=1 FOPTFLAGS = -O3 -q64 -qstrict -qnosave -qfixed -bstatic -bmaxdata=-1 -bmaxmem=-1 {MFLAGS}
FSFLAGS = -qsave