Error in daily ptfire

Hello everyone,

I’m running SMOKE4.5 with NEI-2015 platform. After successful running of one-time ptfire sector, I face an error in daily ptfire section (in smkinven log file) about GENPDOUT subroutine. This is lat 10 lines of the log file:

 Value for HOURLY_TO_PROFILE not defined;returning default:   FALSE
 Reading day  -specific data...
 Successful open for emissions file: 
 Successful open for emissions file: 
 *** ERROR ABORT in subroutine GENPDOUT
 No period-specific sources found in input file

Does anyone have any idea how should I deal with it?
Thank you in advance for your help.


Just a reminder!
I’d appreciate it if someone can give me a hint that what might be wrong resulted in the above error.

@Soroush. Sorry for the late response. This error normally occurs when there is no matched sources between annual (PTINV) and daily (PTDAY) fire inventories based on FIPS, SCC, FireID and other source characteristics. I would suggest to check those characteristics between the files and make sure they are shared correctly.


Thank you for the reply @bbaek.
I checked my annual and daily inventories. As expected the headers are different, but SCC and other characteristics are the same in both inventories.
Below is the first few lines of annual and daily inventories:


#DESC Apportioned large fires to 12km grid cells based on GeoMAC polygon with circle fallback
#EXPORT_DATE=Wed Feb 14 14:35:18 EST 2018
“US”,“01001”,“C12915437539758390”,“180”,“b”,“c”,“2811015001”,“ACRESBURNED”,121.999999700000004,“SF11E1373567”,1,1,1,1,1,-86.8620000000000232,32.6180000000000021,“2015”,“Hms006400 Fire”
“US”,“01001”,“C12915437539758390”,“180”,“b”,“c”,“2811015001”,“CO”,16.1761624000000026,“SF11E1373567”,1,1,1,1,1,-86.8620000000000232,32.6180000000000021,“2015”,“Hms006400 Fire”
“US”,“01001”,“C12915437539758390”,“180”,“b”,“c”,“2811015001”,“CO2”,107.246757790000004,“SF11E1373567”,1,1,1,1,1,-86.8620000000000232,32.6180000000000021,“2015”,“Hms006400 Fire”
“US”,“01001”,“C12915437539758390”,“180”,“b”,“c”,“2811015001”,“HFLUX”,1000,“SF11E1373567”,1,1,1,1,1,-86.8620000000000232,32.6180000000000021,“2015”,“Hms006400 Fire”
“US”,“01001”,“C12915437539758390”,“180”,“b”,“c”,“2811015001”,“NH3”,0.262563029999999975,“SF11E1373567”,1,1,1,1,1,-86.8620000000000232,32.6180000000000021,“2015”,“Hms006400 Fire”


#DESC Wildland fires for 2015 provided by STI
#DESC Recalculated smoldering SCCs to include only residual emissions. Moved balance of smoldering emissions to flaming.
#DESC Apportioned large fires to 12km grid cells based on GeoMAC polygon with circle fallback
#EXPORT_DATE=Wed Feb 14 14:35:06 EST 2018

Do you know what else might be wrong in this case?


Hi @bbaek.
I’m still confused about the error I’m receiving, and couldn’t find a solution yet.
I also tried turning off smk_reports for ptfire, but it didn’t help.
Do you have any idea what else might be the reason for this error?


To debug this, we would need the following information:

The run script and the entire smkinven log file that contains the ERROR message.

Also the ptinv file that was posted is the FORMAT, COUNTRY, and YEAR part of the header.

You should verify that the FORMAT is FF10_POINT, COUNTRY is US, and YEAR is 2015.


You need to make sure that your daily inventory data covers your modeling period. If not, Smkinven will also give you the same kind of error message you are getting

Thanks for the reply.
Please find run script and smkinven log file attached (the format of log file is changed to text file to be uploaded).
Also, I checked the ptinv headers. FORMAT, COUNTRY, and YEAR is set to values you mentioned (it just was not copied in the earlier post).

Annual_ptfire_daily_12US2_2015fd_cb6_15j.csh (6.0 KB)
smkinven_ptfire_jul_2015fd_cb6_15j.log.txt (804.4 KB)

Thanks @bbaek.
I checked daily inventory data. It does cover my modeling period. So, I don’t think data coverage be the problem.

I just checked the format of your inventory data (PTINV and PTDAY). There is a missing data in your data for “tribal_code” from both files. If there is no data to enter, then make sure you put a comma between the columns instead of skipping it since these input files are in CSV format. Please put them in excel to make sure all data columns are in right place.

I checked my inventories again. The original inventory files are correct (values belong to correct columns in excel), but I don’t know why when I copy them here with blockquote, the format changes.
Thank you though.

Perhaps the file needs to be emailed.

Just to update this topic. The problem is resolved after switching from self-compiled to pre-compiled SMOKE executables.