ERROR in smkinven for mobile emissions

 Processing Annual inventory....
 Reading inventory sources...
 Value for SMK_MAXWARNING:  100
 Value for SMK_TMPDIR:  '/glade/work/yugu/SMK_HOME/data/run_nei2010_out/static/tmp'
 Value for SMK_TMPDIR:  '/glade/work/yugu/SMK_HOME/data/run_nei2010_out/static/tmp'
 Successful OPEN for inventory file:
 ERROR: Overflow prevented while parsing line PARSLINE
 First 200 characters of line contents are:

 *** ERROR ABORT in subroutine PARSLINE
 Formatting problem.

The above errors occurred in smkinenv.log file, when I running smkinenv program for mobile source.
The mobile emissions I used are precomputed-emissions, which are similar to area emissions.
What’s the meaning of the errors?

Based on the error message, your MBINV inventory format is overflowing. I would suggest you to check your inventory format against to the one from SMOKE user’g guide.

Make sure it does not hold more than 45 columns. Sometime, long last “comment” column can cause this overflow issue while parsing the line.

the inventory file is from the NEI offical website (
what’s reason of overflowing issue?
How could I solve the error?

This isn’t intuitive, but when running these premade onroad FF10s through SMOKE, you need to run it through SMOKE as an area sector (SMK_SOURCE = A), not as a mobile sector
(SMK_SOURCE = M). That’s because the FF10s use the FF10 Nonpoint format and need to be read as an ARINV instead of a MBINV.