WARNING: Missing average day emissions


Running SMKINVEN showed me some warning messages.

WARNING: Missing average day emissions for CO at line 8
WARNING: Missing control efficiency for CO at line 8
WARNING: Missing rule effectiveness for CO at line 8
WARNING: Missing rule penetration for CO at line 8

My inventory file is

#YEAR 2018
#DESC Onroad Mobile Source Inventory
#DESC FF10 Onroad format
#DESC CAPSS 2018 onroad

The inventory has β€œline 8”. Would you let me know why the warnings occurred?
Thank you.

Were you able to resolve this error? Is there a line return after TRIBAL that is causing an issue with the line numbers?


Those columns are optional. As long as there is annual total emission is filled, you do not need to average day emission. If you do not have annual total, then you do need average day emissions for SMOKE to compute annual total by multiplying 365. Other control efficiency, rule effectiveness/penetration columns are no longer supported in SMOKE

I found that the warnings can be ignored from https://forum.cmascenter.org/t/units-smoke-training-material-for-rpd-mobile-sector/907/23. Thank you.

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