ERROR in smkinven when running smk_edgar_HEMI108k.csh with SMOKEv4.7

Hi all,
When I run the case about the smoke _edgar_HEMI108K.csh, I met this problem:

The only thing I changed was creating arinv.edgar.list file. And I didn’t find anyone who met this problem when using smoke _edgar_HEMI108K.csh on the internet. I found a similar question Grwinven run issue but I still can’t fix it.
There are my log, input file, assign file and script. Thanks for any help.
smkinven.edgar.HEMI_108k.log.txt (8.5 KB)
arinv.edgar.lst.txt (1.0 KB)
ASSIGNS.EDGAR.cmaq.cb05_soa.HEMI_108k.txt (17.9 KB)
smk_edgar_HEMI108k.csh (6.6 KB)

I think you need to use ncdump to look at the variable names in your EDGAR gridded inventory.

The script is failing to run because the variable name PM2_5 is not found.
It may be that your inventory uses the variable name PM2.5 rather than PM2_5.


Variable “PM2_5” from formula was not found in inventory.
ERROR: Problem processing formula 1 : “PMC=PM10-PM2_5”

Change the smk_edgar_HEMI108k.csh script to modify the following line:

setenv SMKINVEN_FORMULA "PMC=PM10-PM2_5" # formula for computing emissions value

change to

setenv SMKINVEN_FORMULA "PMC=PM10-PM2.5" # formula for computing emissions value

OR an alternative method:

In your arinv.edgar.lst.txt file you have the following, so another solution may be to change:




Thank you very much, the problem has been solved.