Error in smkinven while reading point source inventory

Hello. I’m modifying a series of SMOKEv37 scripts to v46. Same inventories are applied, while netCDF is updated from 3.6.3 to
My error is similar to this post Error in smkinven while reading the inventory , but I’m sure my inventory begins with #LIST

ERROR: Could not determine inventory file format due to missing or bad header information.
            Valid headers are:
            #LIST, #EMS-95, #FF10, #MEDS, #GRID,#ORL, or #CEM

 *** ERROR ABORT in subroutine GETFORMT

@wheaj. #LIST header is designed for users to list more than one single inventory files to be processed in a single SMOKE run. Check out your ARINV (area inventory list) file from your Smkinven log file. If your ARINV file has a proper #LIST header then the issue is coming from your inventory file. I am not sure what kind of inventories you are processing. As of SMOKE v4.0, SMOKE no longer supports processing IDA formatted inventory files. So, please check all of your inventory formats and make sure there is no IDA formatted one. If there is one, then you need to convert it to ORL or FF10 format.

Thank you for you reply very much. You are right. My inventories are in IDA format.

Excuse me,
May I ask how can I do if I want to convert .txt file or IDA format file to FF10 format?

Thanks for reply!


You should follow the FF10 format information listed in SMOKE user’g guide. The details of FF10 formats for area, mobile and point sources are available:

Thank you for reply!
I’ve tried to follow the user’s guide to modify my script, but it still appears error.
I’ll try it again, thanks for suggestion!

hi, hope you fix it. I wrote a simple python script following format information in user guide to convert.