Error in smkinven while reading the inventory

I use the NEI2014 emission inventory, the header information is as “#FORMAT=FF10_NONPOINT”.
When I run the script of area, there is the following error.

     Value for SMKINVEN_MONTH not defined; returning default:  0
 Processing Annual inventory....
 Reading inventory sources...
 Value for SMK_MAXWARNING:  100
 Value for SMK_TMPDIR:  '/glade/work/yugu/SMK_HOME/data/run_nei2010_out/static/tmp'
 Value for SMK_TMPDIR:  '/glade/work/yugu/SMK_HOME/data/run_nei2010_out/static/tmp'
 ERROR: Could not determine inventory file format due to missing or bad header information.
            Valid headers are:
            #LIST, #EMS-95, #FF10, #MEDS, #GRID,#ORL, or #CEM

 *** ERROR ABORT in subroutine GETFORMT

my smoke version is V4.6

Looks like your ARINV list input file may not have a proper header like “#LIST”. Can you check your Smkinven log file and look for ARINV file and check whether there is a header line “#LIST” or not.

Thank you very much.
It is exactly right.