ERROR: Running annual summary for adjusted emissions

Hi all,
I met the following error when running “afdust” and “othafdust”. I used the 12US1 domain with all NEI default inputs.
Besides, Python in my cluster is under “/usr/bin/python”. How can I change it to “’/usr/bin/env” as “2017gb_package_12jul2021_info.txt” suggested?

Thanks so much, and any suggestions are appreciated.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/glade/scratch/pwang/NEI_2017/INSTALL_DIR/smoke4.7/scripts/afdust_adj/”, line 14, in
from past.builtins import execfile
ImportError: No module named past.builtins
ERROR: Running annual summary for adjusted emissions

Annual_afdust_12US1_2017gb_17j.csh (6.2 KB)
Annual_afdust_adj_12US1_2017gb_17j.csh (6.1 KB)

Can you provide the version of python on the system by typing:

python --version

You can verify the path used by “/usr/bin/env” by typing “which python” in the terminal

Python 2.7.17
I see your point. I will load python3 and rerun smoke. Thanks so much.
I loaded module “python/3.7.9” in my system, but python 2.7.17 came out for no reason. I will check with the system administrator.