ERROR running BEIS in 2016 v1 platform

Hi all,

I use NEI 2016 v1 platform to run biogenic emissions for my own domain. I got an error at the beginning of the simulation. Error message is:
B3GTS_L_O: Undefined variable.

Program received signal SIGFPE: Floating-point exception - erroneous arithmetic operation.

Backtrace for this error:
#0 0x2AC99EFAF6D7
#1 0x2AC99EFAFD1E
#2 0x2AC99F80C3FF
#3 0x43ECAB in tmpbeis360_ at tmpbeis361.f:1133 (discriminator 3)
#4 0x40D0ED in MAIN__ at tmpbeis3.f:90
Floating exception

Is there anyone know how to solve this issue?
Do I need to set B3GTS_L_O variable by myself?
How could I solve floating-point exception-erroneous arithmetic operation problem?

Hope to get your help. Thanks very much.


The B3GTS_L_O message can be ignored. We need more information on your configuration (including grid configuration) and input data. Can you provide the logfile for this TMPBEIS run? Thanks,


Thanks for your help. I now found what is wrong. My met file grid setting is not the same as the pre-generated BIOSEASON file from the V1 platform. May I ask how could I generate the bioseason files for my own grid?

Use the METSCAN utility tool in SMOKE.
See here: 5.3.11. Metscan

Also try looking at our “running other grids” README, which includes instructions for generating a BIOSEASON and other things they may need:

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Thanks for replying.
Is there any program that can be used to combine METCRO2D files? I currently have daily files and it seems to need simulation period long single file as input.

If you read the Metscan program section, there is information how to combine METCRO files. You can use m3xtract to create a single file by combining consecutive daily files.

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Thanks for your help. Now biogenic emissions are generated.

I am now trying to merge all daily emissions into one emission file as input for CMAQ but after run 2016_V1 merge script, I only get one day output and I already set EPI_STDATE_TEME and EPI_ENDDATE_TIME to my study period, log file shows “Normal Completion of program MRGGRID”. Do you know how could I get daily merged files for whole month?

Which script are you running to do the merging?

I am using Sector_merge_12US1_2016fh_16j.csh under script/merge directory.

If you are using EPA run scripts, they should automatically loop through the entire month. We recommend changing EPI_STDATE_TIME and EPI_ENDDATE_TIME back to the original settings (those should be left alone), try again, and if there is a failure send the standard output. It’s possible something is crashing after the first day of Mrggrid is run – the domain totals calculation or m3stat - that is stopping the script and thus only writing one day.

I found a ERROR in std log out file:
SCRIPT NOTE: timetracker is replacing line 2 of the TIMELOG file
now checking log file /scratch/general/lustre/copycky/data/nei/2016/air/emismod/2016/v1//2016fh_16j/intermed/mrggrid/m3stat_logs/m3stat_mrggrid_20160701_US_12km_cmaq_cb6_2016fh_16j.log
Running domaintotals for 20160701
ERROR: running domain totals for 20160701
log analyzer
Getting message data (might take some time)…
Finished getting data
Classifying message types…
Total number of known messages: 1
Total number of unknown messages: 0
Level 3 analysis…
Finished classifying message types
log analyzer
Getting message data (might take some time)…
Finished getting data
Classifying message types…
Total number of known messages: 1
Total number of unknown messages: 0
Level 1 analysis…
Finished classifying message types
Testing for exit priority <= 1
All message priorities > 1

But once I check my s3stat_mrggrid file, it shows:
—>> Normal Completion of program M3STAT
Program M3STAT completed successfully

How could I solve this issue? Hope to receive your help.

The error is in the domain totals program. The easiest path forward is to just turn that program off, by adding this line to 2016fh_16j/scripts/run_settings.txt: (Note that according to the m3stat log filename, your grid name is “US_12km”)

mrggrid, US_12km, domain, PART4, 0, 0, N