ERROR: Stopping because of EBI convergence failures

I’m using CMAQv5.2.1 and my simulation fails with the error:

ERROR: Max number of EBI time step reductions exceeded
Convergence failure for cell ( 23, 11, 1)
Convergence failure for the following species:Init.Conc, Pred.Conc.
NO2 1.0000E+03 1.0000E+03 ppmV
NO 4.3570E+03 4.3570E+03 ppmV

*** ERROR ABORT in subroutine HRSOLVER on PE 000
ERROR: Stopping because of EBI convergence failures
PM3EXIT: DTBUF 0:00:00 Dec. 31, 2009

The error appeared in run.cctm log file; however in CTM.log files there were no ERROR messages. The meteorology input data came from WRFv3.9.1.1

Thank you.

Can you please tell me more about the case you are running - spatial domain, time period and the source of your inputs. Once I know a little more I can better direct your question to the appropriate team member. Thanks!