PLEASE READ before posting

Welcome to the CMAS Forum! Here, users and developers can discuss issues related to the U.S. EPA’s CMAQ modeling system and associated software maintained by the U.S. EPA and the CMAS Center.

Please review all five steps prior to submitting requests for assistance to the CMAS Center Forum.

  1. Search the CMAS Forum and review the CMAQ FAQ for an error or problem similar to the one in your log file.

    • If you need help identifying your error please review the Debug Tutorial
    • If you don’t see a similar error reported that allows you to troubleshoot and solve your problem then submit a new topic. Submit a new topic, even if you are having a problem similar to one that has already been submitted.
  2. Prior to submitting a new topic, visit the category that best describes the software product you are using.

  3. Start a new topic

    • Click on + New Topic in the upper right corner

    • The Category will be pre-selected if you start a new topic request after visiting a category.

    • If the category is “Uncategorized”, or if the wrong category is selected, then use the pull-down menu to select the category for your topic.

    • Selecting the correct category is important, as the CMAS Center and EPA staff are only monitoring topics submitted within a category that matches their expertise.

  4. Type a description of your problem including the name of the build or run script that generated the error and include a short quotation of error message in the body of the topic.

    • Specify the model, version number, and compiler version.
    • Specify the year, domain of your application.
    • Upload the log files by clicking on the up arrow icon in the menu underneath the Create New Topic Title and browse to find the log file on your device.
    • You will need to rename any files to match one of the following extensions (jpg, jpeg, png, gif, csh, txt, csv), for instance, copy cmaq.log to cmaq.log.txt
  5. To upload a dataset to share for testing purposes one option is to upload to the incoming folder on the CMAS Center Google Drive. CMAS User Forum Google Drive Upload Site for scripts, log files, shapefiles, etc. Read details about this feature in: README-CMAS_User_Forum - Google Docs

  6. When someone replies to your topic, you will receive an e-mail notification. Please click on the “VISIT TOPIC” button in your e-mail to return to your CMAS Center Forum Issue and reply to any follow-up questions or suggestions.

This is a community based support system. We encourage you to help other users with questions or topics. Once you respond to a topic, you will be notified of additional posts to that topic.

If you are a new user, there are also additional tips here: CMAS User Forum - New User Guide

Note: if you would like to receive e-mails every time a new topic is posted under a specific category, visit the category you are interested in, click on the bell in the upper right hand corner and select “watching”. If you select “tracking”, you will NOT receive e-mail notifications. Tracking only allows you to view a counter that shows the number of new posts for a topic.