Error with CMAQv5.4 benchmark case run

I run the benchmark case CMAQv5.4 and get the error as below. I check the file and it was available in the folder /home/hoangnghiem/CMAQ_5.4/CMAQ_INSTALL/lib/x86_64/gcc/netcdff/lib
Please give me advise to solve the problem.
Thank you in advance.

[hoangnghiem@localhost scripts]$ ./run_cctm_Bench_2016_12SE1.csh |& tee cctm.log
Start Model Run At Tue 03 Jan 2023 06:27:07 AM +07
Compiler is set to gcc

Working Directory is /home/hoangnghiem/CMAQ_5.4/CMAQ_INSTALL/CCTM/scripts
Build Directory is /home/hoangnghiem/CMAQ_5.4/CMAQ_INSTALL/CCTM/scripts/BLD_CCTM_v54_gcc
Output Directory is /home/hoangnghiem/CMAQ_5.4/CMAQ_INSTALL/data/output_CCTM_v54_gcc_Bench_2016_12SE1
Log Directory is /home/hoangnghiem/CMAQ_5.4/CMAQ_INSTALL/data/output_CCTM_v54_gcc_Bench_2016_12SE1/LOGS
Executable Name is CCTM_v54.exe

—CMAQ EXECUTION ID: CMAQ_CCTMv54_hoangnghiem_20230102_232707_115135132 —

Set up input and output files for Day 2016-07-01.

Existing Logs and Output Files for Day 2016-07-01 Will Be Deleted
/bin/rm: No match.

CMAQ Processing of Day 20160701 Began at Tue 03 Jan 2023 06:27:07 AM +07

/home/hoangnghiem/CMAQ_5.4/CMAQ_INSTALL/CCTM/scripts/BLD_CCTM_v54_gcc/CCTM_v54.exe: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
real 0.00
user 0.00
sys 0.00

** Runscript Detected an Error: CGRID file was not written. **
** This indicates that CMAQ was interrupted or an issue **
** exists with writing output. The runscript will now **
** abort rather than proceeding to subsequent days. **


Start Day: 2016-07-01
End Day: 2016-07-01
Number of Simulation Days: 1
Domain Name: 2016_12SE1
Number of Grid Cells: 280000 (ROW x COL x LAY)
Number of Layers: 35
Number of Processes: 1
All times are in seconds.

Num Day Wall Time
01 2016-07-01 0.00
Total Time = 0
Avg. Time = 0

Don’t the build-instructions recommend using static netCDF libraries, instead of shared libraries? That avoids all kinds of problems finding the shared libraries in a system which is built (basically) by connecting multiple independent computers by a high performance network…

Sure, if you get the scripting right, you can solve that issue with shared file-systems and LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variables, but the simpler solution is better, I think (Occam’s Razor, and all that).