I have a problem running bench mark

Of course, I can see CMAQv5.3.2.exe in that directory
But it does not load libnetcdff.so.6

That’s why it’s recommended that you build CMAQ as statically as possible…

What “module loads” did you use to build CMAQ on “longleaf”? You’ll need to do the same in the script that runs it (Oh, that’s right – you can’t do “module load” in a batch script. Oops!) You’ll probably need to set a LD_LIBRARY_PATH that includes all the needed libraries in your CMAQ script.

I load gcc/9.1.0 and openmpi4.0.1/gcc_9.1.0
Where can I correct Library path?

the error message changed little bit

Did you change your default login shell to tcsh?
If not, you will need to load the openmpi module in the csh shell and then reload the modules and then try to run the benchmark case.
Each shell contains it’s own modules. This can get very confusing, so it is best to switch to using tcsh as your default shell, and then make sure the paths to netCDF C, netCDF Fortran, and I/O API are specified in your .cshrc.

To change your default login shell to tcsh - you will need to contact UNC ITS Help Desk: (919) 962-HELP or help.unc.edu

I followed the direction.
But not working…

Since you have libnetcdff.a, why didn’t you use it wen you built the CCTM_v532.exe? Maybe re-build it that way (and using libnetcdf.a, rather than a libnetcdf.so as well…)

What does that mean??
I just followed the tutorial…
Could you tell me specifically?