Errors in the adjoint forward model


I am running the CMAQv5.0-adjoint model. However, I encountered such error when I run the forward part: Forced exit from Rosenbrock due to the following error: → Step size too small: T + 10*H = T or H < Roundoff

I tried to edit the KPP_Integrator.F90 to set Roundoff as 1E-14 or to modifiy it as very small value (as 1E-16) but it doesn’t work. My compiler is gcc 4.8.5.

Could you give me any suggestions? Thank you very much.

Hu Jie

For adjoint questions, you should reach to @zhaoshunliu

I also encountered this issue during runtime. Have you resolved it

Not yet … If you have resolved it please tell me…

Have you been able to reach out to Shunliu on this questions?