CMAQ model integration step size

When I run the Domain d03 in CMAQ mode, the cmaq mode reports an error if the integration step length is too large。Is it a meteorological parameter? Who can solve this problem,please!

The following is the error message recorded in the log:
After NEXTIME: returned JDATE, JTIME 2020158 082400

 Maximum eddy diffusivity of:   1000.0     (m**2/sec)
 at col, row, layer:   1,   1,   4
 corresponding to a free tropospheric wind shear of:  1.15848E-03 (/sec),
                        a bulk Richardson Number of:   16.701    ,
 and pot. temps. in layer and layer+1:   313.15       313.27

after VDIFF G 2.3143053E-01 A 2.6396239E+09 N 6.3370252E-03
after COUPLE G 2.2692888E+03 A 4.5091708E+13 N 6.2045349E+01
after HADV G 2.2726829E+03 A 4.4230098E+13 N 6.2261684E+01
zadv col row ff dt iter Mlvl Mvel Mvel1
zzzz 10 4 8.219E-02 10.000 36 2 -5.75E-04 -4.70E-04
zzz2 1 147.3810
zzz2 2 326.2950
zzz2 3 958.7557
zzz2 4 2055.576
zzz2 5 3460.824
zzz2 6 4873.692
zzz2 7 6562.991
zzz2 8 8529.901
zzz2 9 11598.25
zzz2 10 13713.00
zzz2 11 15253.05
zzz2 12 14590.37
zzz2 13 9361.908
zzz2 14 9757.228
after ZADV G 2.2630393E+03 A 4.4134459E+13 N 6.1639381E+01

 H-eddy DT & integration steps:   3.6000000E+02       1

after HDIFF G 2.2630391E+03 A 4.4134463E+13 N 6.1639389E+01
after DECOUPLE G 2.3079310E-01 A 2.6125225E+09 N 6.2955916E-03
after PING G 2.3079310E-01 A 2.6125225E+09 N 6.2955916E-03
after CLDPROC G 2.3078959E-01 A 2.6123315E+09 N 6.2953741E-03

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