Exploring Domain Flexibility in CMAQ Simulations: Adapting EQUATES Emissions for Smaller Test Domains

Hello everyone,

I am currently utilizing emissions from EQUATES for CMAQ simulations with a US1 domain consisting of 459*259 grids. While all inputs have been prepared for the US1 domain, I am interested in simulating a smaller domain for testing purposes. Is there a straightforward way to achieve this in the run_cctm.csh script?

Thank you for your time.

As long as your smaller test domain is a true subset of the 12US1 domain, you can use existing 12US1 input files and just specify the desired smaller test domain by defining it in the GRIDDESC file specified in the CCTM run script:

4.3.1 Windowing Capability

The one exception to being able to use all existing 12US1 input files is that you will still need to generate a new BCON file to provide lateral chemical boundary conditions for your smaller test domain.

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