Subsetting existing inputs for CCTM


Is it possible to create subsets from existing CCTM inputs and run CCTM simulation with them? For example, all my inputs are for a coarse domain (US1) but I would like to simulate a smaller domain which is centered on the SE US. Unfortunately, I do not have WRF outputs to use the nested simulation.

No, this is not possible.
The CCTM is the CMAQ Chemical Transport Model. Meteorological data is essential for the “transport” aspect of CMAQ.

Just to clarify. So, there is no way to run a CCTM simulation for a smaller domain with the MCIP and emissions inputs for a coarse domain by bypassing the nested simulation? Thanks!

Now, what is it you mean by “smaller domain”? Do you mean a domain with the same resolution
and grid-alignment, but smaller dimensions (a “proper window” domain)? (For example, if the existing domain is 300x400, a smaller domain consisting of rows 50:150 and columns 75:200 from the original domain?)

If so, this is exactly the task for which M3TOOLS programs “bcwindow” and “m3window” were designed…

That’s exactly what I meant by a smaller domain. Thank you for the details how to define the window from a larger domain and for pointing out the existing m3tools for this task. I will give it a try!