FEST-C v1.4 public release announcement

Dear m3users,

We are pleased to announce the release of FEST-C v1.4 through the Community Modeling and Analysis System (CMAS) center at the UNC Institute for the Environment.

This release has many updates and improvements, particularly including:

  1. EPIC/WRF/CMAQ to SWAT (the Soil and Water Assessment Tool) for watershed hydrology and water quality assessment,
  2. Modified soil carbon and nitrogen cycle and hydrology processes with much improved N fertilization and denitrification, and
  3. Updated 5-year average CMAQ N deposition input datasets (included).

Overall evaluation of FEST-C v1.4 will be presented at the coming CMAS meeting. With the much improved N budget, we strongly recommend you use this new version.


  1. The output from FEST-C v1.4 is required input for the bi-directional NH3 modeling in CMAQv5.3 (to be released soon).
  2. This release requires the updated raster tools in the Spatial Allocator 4.3.2 (to be released under the CMAS soon).

The documentation, downloads, and release note for FEST-C v1.4 can be accessed through www.cmascenter.org.

Please report any issues with the release to the CMAS help desk.

Best wishes,


Limei Ran, Ph.D.
Atmospheric Model Application and Analysis Branch
Computational Exposure Division
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