SMOKE v4.9 Public Release Announcement

Dear Air Quality Modeling Community,

The Community Modeling and Analysis System (CMAS) center at the UNC Institute for the Environment, in cooperation with the U.S. EPA, is pleased to announce the release of SMOKE version 4.9.

Starting with SMOKE v4.9, we are working to make the SMOKE distribution packages and test data more compatible with the directory structures and run scripts used in EPA’s Emissions Modeling Platforms.

If you are interested in using SMOKE v4.9 with the older SMOKE Assigns files and run scripts, we recommend downloading the SMOKE v4.8.1 packages and replacing the executables with those from SMOKE v4.9.

A summary of the updates in SMOKE v4.9 are listed below.

BEIS4 and BELD6 Support

  • New programs Normbeis4 and Tmpbeis4 support using BEIS4 emissions factors and BELD6 land use data

Smkreport Updates

  • Column headers in point source reports now match Flat File 2010 terminology (Facility ID, Unit ID, Rel Point ID, Process ID)
  • New “BY FACILITY” option in the REPCONFIG file replicates the existing “BY PLANT” instruction
  • New “BY BOILER” REPCONFIG option summarizes emissions by ORIS Boiler ID

Bug Fixes

  • Elevpoint: fixed error that caused uniform stack flow (STKFLW) values to be output to the STACK_GROUPS file
  • Gentpro: fixed output of county codes in NetCDF files
  • Movesmrg / Smkmerge: Fixed errors when using subsector grouping

Visit to download the updated source code, executables, and test case data.

Please report any bugs or problems with this release to