Float point Exception

Program received signal SIGFPE: Floating-point exception - erroneous arithmetic operation.

Backtrace for this error:
#0 0x2ADA81A84777
#1 0x2ADA81A84D7E
#2 0x2ADA824EECAF
#3 0x4AC3C8 in resistcalc_ at resistcalc.f90:201
#4 0x46F628 in pblsup_ at pblsup.f90:372
#5 0x43A839 in dynflds_ at dynflds.f90:67
#6 0x402E33 in mcip at mcip.f90:161
Floating point exception
Error running mcip

Can you specify the

  1. version of mcip you are using
  2. version of WRF output that you are using as input

i use the version MCIP V4.3 and WRF v3.9


Sorry for the very delayed reply. Have you solved this issue yet? If so, what did you do?

If this is still an issue for you, can you consider using MCIPv5.0 and trying again?