Forrtl: severe 65: floating invalid error in SSEMIS.F in CMAQv5.2.1

I was checking CMAQ log file to see if CMAQ has opened BCON file for the run and came across this.
No BC’s in file BNDY_AERO_1 for the following adv species: Set to 1.00E-30
I have this message for BNDY_GASC_1, BNDY_AERO_1, BNDY_NONR_1.

Something has gone wrong here. If you are creating BCs from a simulation run on a parent domain, then you should have valid values for all model species. But your log file is indicating many species are not in your BCON file.

Taking a step back, how exactly did you create the BCs for this simulation? What you should do (ideally) is:

  1. Run CMAQ for the parent domain, saving all species (or at least all important species) to the CONC file, for all levels.
  2. Run the BCON program (using the CONC files generated in step 1) to generate BC files containing the value for each of your model species, for all vertical levels, for the boundary cells of your nested domain.
  3. Run CMAQ for the nested domain, pointing to the BC files created in step 2.

Is that the procedure you followed?

I did not prepare BCs from running CMAQ on parent domain. I built BCON inside CMAQv521 and ran BCON with default profile data that comes with CMAQv521. Then I used this BCON file for CMAQv5.3.

If you are using profile boundary conditions, then many species are not available, and those warnings that they are absent are totally normal.

Since the problem that was the original subject of this thread has been solved, I’m going to close this. If you’re still having problems, please post a new thread.