NEI2014 Emissions Data Download

Is the EPA page shown below (taken from the most authentic place to download NEI2014 Emissions database for SMOKE processing?

If so, the links for Point, Onroad, Nonroad, and Nonpoint sources (zip CSV files) do not work - is the current shutdown behind this, or it is available somewhere else?

That is the official NEI website. If you are looking for the input files for SMOKE modeling run, then go to this modeling platform website which holds all the SMOKE-related inputs, run scripts and SMOKE programs.

Thanks a lot! Your link to the modeling platform page of EPA led me to this page with SMOKE-related stuff:

I was curious how ‘complete’ or ‘final’ the alpha versions of NEI for the years 2015 and 2016 are, compared to the complete 2014 one? I am trying to use the most recent NEI for the US, and not sure if I should consider using NEI inventory for the year 2015 or even 2016 instead of NEI2014 (databases shown below as screenshots):

Also for NEI2014, are v7.1 and v7.2 databases drastically different for the purpose of processing emissions in WRF-SMOKE-CMAQ models? I see (in screenshot above) that v7.1 is available in the modeling platform!