Generating LUFRAC_CRO for CMAQv5.3.1

Hi… What is the best way to generate LUFRAC_CRO fields? I commented it out in the CCTM run script and it substituted it with data from GRIDCRO2D. I have 21 LUFRAC categories, which variable does it use in that case? I am modeling a 4km domain around an urban city. When I plot the domain, it looks like some of the plot area maybe overly smooth in places I wouldn’t expect (with no traces of emissions), leading me to think there is something wrong with the LUFRAC values it is using. Of note, I also had trouble generating PURB fields (I used mcip after WRF to get the PURB). I am using WRFv4.1.

What version of MCIP did you use?
In running MCIP, did you specify a path to the geogrid file? The default MCIP run script contains this line. Does it point to an actual file?

set InGeoFile    = $InGeoDir/


If you have the data in GRIDCRO2D, then you are using an older version of MCIP. The data from GRIDCRO2D are the same as those in LUFRAC_CRO, except LUFRAC_CRO organizes the data as a 3D array rather than a series of 2D slices.

The data fractional land use data are taken from WRF from the LANDUSEF field or they may come from Geogrid output, if you did not write LANDUSEF to your wrfout. Either way, these data should not be modified by MCIP, just passed through.

You should be able to use the data from either source, although with CMAQv5.3+, you need to use MCIPv5.0+.


It was MCIP-4.3. A much older version. The syntax was

set IfTer = “T”
set InTerFile = $InTerDir/

I might have set the IfTer to “F” though. I can’t remember for sure.

I see. I used MCIP-4.3. Would that explain the -9E36 values I’m getting for PURB?

Your original question was:

Hi… What is the best way to generate LUFRAC_CRO fields?

You are using CMAQv5.3.1 and WRFv4.1, which both date to 2019. MCIPv4.3 is from 2015. Use the latest version of MCIP, or at least v5.0+.

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Thanks @cgnolte and @tlspero. I will re-run with MCIP5.0… Thank you. I’ll report back on what I get…

It worked. Thanks very much!

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