Gridded emission data availability: inventory form, all sectors, 2017-onwards


I am working at the Northern Arizona University in Kevin’s Gurney lab. We are working on expanding Vulcan CO2 emission with AQ (only CAPs) species. We want to acquire gridded emission data for conus and non-conus United States for the period 2017-onwards. We don’t want a model-ready version, we need data in the inventory form, gridded, annual totals, only CAPs.
Is such data available somehow/somewhere?
Please refer me to the right place/person.

Thank you,
Lech Gawuc + Gurney lab team

I think the following link for EQUATES data is the best option for you at this moment. As you are asking for CAPs only, I guess you may need to calculate PM2.5 and PM10 by yourself since EQUATES are model-ready emission files. However, Liz may have several additional files which you can reach out to her.

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Are you wanting annual total netCDF files of the EQUATES emissions? (not the hourly air quality ready files?)

If so I can point you to a temporary location at which these files are posted.

They will eventually be moved to another location in the EQUATES repository.

Hi Alison,
Thanks for your reply. Sure, I am glad to have these files.


At this time, the files are available here – they may be moved in the future:

There are also 2020 files here:

Thank you. I’ve already stared using those files.