EQUATES Data Missing

Hello everyone
I am trying to run CMAQ with EQUATES data and downloaded the emis files for Dec 2019 from google drive. The data I downloaded is missing “ptfire_grass” source. And when I tried to download the 2018 data there were some stack groups missing from it. Is there any way that I could access these data?

Thank you for your interest in the EQUATES data. For the 2018 data, there are 6 stack groups files for ptegu, ptnonipm, pt_oilgas, ptnonipm, etc in “model_ready_emis_2018_stackgroups_epicsoil_EQUATES_v1.0.tar”
Is this what you were looking for or is there something specific that you are missing?

For the 2019 fire data, the ptfire_grass was included in the ptfire sector rather than separated out as it had been for the other inventories.

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That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot :pray:t4:

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