Gspro and gsref files dose not affect on output of Movesmerg

I have a question about the effect of gspro file should do on the output of movesmerg.
When I change the split factor or divisor or mass fraction in the gspro file, nothing happens on Movesmerge output(for example these did for RPD)but just I can see changes on intermediate files of SPC that produce for mole and mass separately.
I think it is because there are lookup tables that Movesmerg follow them then it does not use factors that are written in the gspro file and this just happens for on-road emissions.

Is it correct?
or I am wrong?


Please check your Movesmrg log file to see whether USE_SPCMAT_SPC_YN flag is set to Y or not. This flag is designed to bypass the GSPRO but use the pre-spectated emissions estimated by MOVES which is more accurate since it can apply multiple GSPRO profiles based on the age of vehicles. If you want to estimate the model species using the GSPRO, then set this USE_SPCMAT_SPC_YN to N.

Thanks, Mr.@bbaek
because I did not define the flag(USE_SPCMAT_SPC_YN), SMOKE use the default flag that is N
I learned it well.
I have another question.
when the flag is Y, smoke how use lookup tables for model species?
and it uses just from meproc file, doesn’t it?

SMOKE uses MEPROC input file to define the list of inventory pollutants estimated from MOVES lookup tables. Those inventory pollutants listed from MEPROC can be speciated using GSPRO profiles once USE_SPCMAT_SPC_YN is set to N. If you set it Y, then those mapped model species from GSPRO will be estimated from MOVES lookup tables instead of GSPRO profile values. Hope this answers your questions.

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Thanks again.
I learned it.

Hi again. @bbaek

I have tested the flag you said to me(USE_SPCMAT_SPC_YN).
In ‌both cases, whether the flag was Y or N smoke wanted the GSPRO file to use it. additionally, I have checked the output of smoke in both cases, But they had the same output species and smoke had used the GSPRO file.

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Which case are you trying to run? MOVES does most of the speciation internally, so most of the speciated output won’t be impacted.

Are you trying to update speciation profiles? If so, you may want to follow the instructions for running with SAPRC which allows you to substitute in different speciation profiles.

No, I do not want to update the speciation profiles.
I just want to use the speciation profile that MOVES has used to produce the SMOKE output.

Can you explain your study a little more and why the existing SMOKE-MOVES scripts are not sufficient?

We also have some inventories packaged for 2016v2 platform where you can run SMOKE using the SMOKE-MOVES outputs as a nonpoint inventory (summed up by county and pollutant).

This package is with the 2016v2 platform.

Thanks for your response. @eyth.alison
My second question was about using the USE_SPCMAT_SPC_YN flag that Dr.bbaek said if it is set to Y, SMOKE uses MOVES lookup tables instead of GSPRO profile values.

But I tested and in both cases, whether the flag was Y or N when I ran the met4moves script, the GSPRO file was needed for running.

If you set USE_SPCMAT_SPC_YN to N, then Movesmrg will use the GSPRO file to spectate inventory pollutants (e.g., CO_INV, NOX_INV, VOC_INV, SO2_INV, and so on) listed in the MEPROC to the model species. If you set it to Y (default), then Movesmrg will use the model species values from MOVES lookup tables. The USE_SPCMAT_SPC_YN option in Movesmrg will allow you to choose whether estimate the model species emissions directly from the MOVES lookup table or the GSPRO. It is more accurate to use the MOVES lookup table approach since MOVES can apply a different speciation profile by vehicle age.

This USE_SPCMAT_SPC_YN option is nothing to do with the Met4moves program/script. So, if you tested this option using the Met4moves script, you will not see any impact at all.

As what @eyth.alison asked, please describe what you are trying to do so then we can assist you properly.

Thanks for your response. @bbaek @eyth.alison
Sorry, I did just write wrongly and I meant I tested the flag with the Movesmrg program/script. In both cases, it needed a GSPRO file.

Actually, I have run MOVES (on windows) then I have used the due to preparing MOVES data for SMOKE.

I do not have a GSREF and GSPRO file is appropriate for running the smk_rateperdistance_nctox.csh program/script.
So I try to find a way to estimate the model species emissions directly from the MOVES lookup table, but the flag did not work.

You should instead use the packages available with the EPA platform, such as:

There are speciation profiles there.

Did you run MOVES in a way to generate the CB6 model species?

If not, we also have some scripts posted to do speciation outside of MOVES.

Not sure exactly what you are trying to do.

Thanks for your response.
I have run MOVES with the CB6 model species.

It was helpful for me what you posted. Thanks.