Gspro and gsref files dose not affect on output of Movesmerg

I have a question about the effect of gspro file should do on the output of movesmerg.
When I change the split factor or divisor or mass fraction in the gspro file, nothing happens on Movesmerge output(for example these did for RPD)but just I can see changes on intermediate files of SPC that produce for mole and mass separately.
I think it is because there are lookup tables that Movesmerg follow them then it does not use factors that are written in the gspro file and this just happens for on-road emissions.

Is it correct?
or I am wrong?


Please check your Movesmrg log file to see whether USE_SPCMAT_SPC_YN flag is set to Y or not. This flag is designed to bypass the GSPRO but use the pre-spectated emissions estimated by MOVES which is more accurate since it can apply multiple GSPRO profiles based on the age of vehicles. If you want to estimate the model species using the GSPRO, then set this USE_SPCMAT_SPC_YN to N.

Thanks, Mr.@bbaek
because I did not define the flag(USE_SPCMAT_SPC_YN), SMOKE use the default flag that is N
I learned it well.
I have another question.
when the flag is Y, smoke how use lookup tables for model species?
and it uses just from meproc file, doesn’t it?

SMOKE uses MEPROC input file to define the list of inventory pollutants estimated from MOVES lookup tables. Those inventory pollutants listed from MEPROC can be speciated using GSPRO profiles once USE_SPCMAT_SPC_YN is set to N. If you set it Y, then those mapped model species from GSPRO will be estimated from MOVES lookup tables instead of GSPRO profile values. Hope this answers your questions.

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Thanks again.
I learned it.