Use_control_factor flag dose not work

I am using smoke 4.8. I did change the use_control_factor to Y, but I found out the flag in movesmrg.rateperdistance.isf2021.20210102.IR1p8-s.log is recognized as not defined

Value for USE_CONTROL_FACTORS not defined;returning default: FALSE

Although I did set the flag in smk_rateperdistance_1p8.csh
to Y.

movesmrg.rateperdistance.isf2021.20210102.IR1p8-s.txt (319.0 KB)
smk_rateperdistance_1p8.csh (6.8 KB)

Could anyone help me?

In your script, you have this:


There is a typo on the word CONTROL with the R and O being switched

Hi, Thanks for your response
What a ridiculous mistake I have made. u can’t believe how much I have tried to find the problem in all of the code that is related to the control factor. I checked all these files rdcfpro, mgetmrgev mopenmrgin, and movesmrg and even modify and make them again to find the problem because I have experienced a little bit that is possibly something wrong maybe in the code of the program.
I think this is better to delete this topic. It can not help others.

Actually, on the contrary: this kind of error is very hard to see without the use of special tools. (Good eyes, Alison!)

I find that use of “graphical diff” programs like xxdiff, tkdiff or kompare can be very helpful for finding these things, by comparing a known-good source with the troublesome one.


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Hi, Thanks for your suggestion.
I will use them. :pray: