Guidance for using AFDUST with SMOKE

We would like to use the afdust module to suppress dust in the model when soil is wet or there is rain. A couple years ago, Alison Eyth provided us with links to scripts for afdust:

Unfortunately, we never got very far on it.

Is there any manual/guidance for installing afdust the first time? Or perhaps there is a set of example SMOKE scripts that have afdust routines inserted?

Hi Farren, if you download all the files from the site and untar them, you should have a preprocessing script that can generate afdust xportfract input file required prior to the AFDUST run script “Annual_afdust_adj_*.csh”. The preprocessing run scripts are packaged and located at:


It is not complete but README file contains some ancillary information for this AFDUST adjustment run setting.