How many hours would be costed to create a surrogate file?

I try to create a new SRGDESC file using the srgtools with my grid resolution of 27 *27 km over US domain.
I have successed create surrogate files.
However, some files failed, even it took over 6 hours.
Is it reasonable?

Is it reasonable for running a surrogate file with more than 6 hours?

Yes. Sometimes it takes longer depending on the density of Shapefiles. We are currently in process of releasing a new surrogate generator called PostGIS/PostgeSQL surrogates tool. It will be released in a couple of weeks. This new tool is a lot faster than the current SA tool. Please look out an announcement in near future.


could the srgtool be operated via the mpi runing?

Besides, if the running task of srgcreate.exe is interrupted, how to continue the task?

If srgcreate.exe gets interrupted, you need to restart it.

could the srgtool be operated via the mpi runing?

Hi ,
Thank you for your detail reply.
I am still working on the surrogate files, which are over the US domain with 27*27km. And I was interrupted by the surrogate file (USA_350_NOFILL.txt).
Since one job wall-clock time on our qsub system is limited to 24 hours, the 350_NOFILL.txt failed to be created within 24 hours.
It would be helpful if you could give me an advice how many hours are available to create an 350_NOFILL.txt? Then, I could apply the exemption for the more wall-clock time to complete it.