How SMOKE process data for ptnonipm sector_ 2016v2 platform

For ‘point’ sector, SMOKE has
two scripts: the ‘onetime’ script, and the ‘daily’ script in 2016v2

I know one-time run script is not for processing hourly inventory files but annual inventory file(s) first. After running one-time script successfully, I can run daily run script to process hourly inventory files.

What if I don’t have any hourly inventory files. For example, sources in ptnonipm sector, doesn’t have hourly emissions (only annual). If that’s the case, Do I still need to run ‘daily’ script?. Does SMOKE use any temporal matrix to match up with facility ID and create hourly emissions when running ‘daily’ script?

I have created a FF10 formatted emission file that has only one facility with annual emissions (that facility is not available in the EPA files for SMOKE). If I want to run SMOKE for this uniq facility, Do I still need to run ‘daily’ script?.

If I run ‘daily’ script, what does SMOKE do when the input file (for example , newly created file) doesn’t have hourly emissions?

Thanks in advance

Have you reviewed the info file that comes with the platform which talks about how to run each sector?

Even if you don’t have hourly or daily emissions, you still need to run the daily script to create the emissions for each day.

I suggest you practice by running the sector as it comes with the platform before you create your own inventory.

I’m not sure what SMOKE will do with the single source but it will likely work.

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Thank you so much for your response. Yes, I did practice running by sector from the platform.

I actually just ran the script with only one facility ( just with annual emissions), the run is finished without error.

I am just trying to understand if SMOKE has any matrix (ex. take an average ) that creates hourly emissions from yearly (if hourly emissions not available) if I run ‘daily’ script.

Thanks in advance

The temporal program in SMOKE makes the hourly emissions even if you don’t have hourly emissions as input.

Hourly emissions are required by the air quality models.

I’m not as familiar with the details of the scripts, but Temporal gets run in one way for ptnonipm and another way for ptegu where there are hourly emissions from CEMS.

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