How to find how much of PM10 was deposited


I wonder if someone could provide some hint?
I want to know how much of total PM10 mass was deposited every hour. Does CMAQv5.3.1 or any tools in it, such as ‘combine’, output the deposition of PM10 (I do not mean the deposition of individual species, but I need the total mass corresponding to PM10)


This is not a standard CMAQ output but can be calculated with the ‘combine’ tool using the aerosol species written to the dry and wet deposition files.

To do that, you would want to modify the example deposition species definition file for the mechanism you are using (e.g. this file if you are using CB6R3_AE7_AQ) to add a species like ATOTIJK defined in the example concentration species definition file (e.g. this file), making sure to pull the relevant component species from both the dry and wet deposition output file and adding them. If you are interested in only the PM10 portion instead of the total I+J+K mode aerosol mass, you can include the size cutoff fractions from the APMDIAG file in the same fashion these fractions are used in the example concentration species definition file when calculating PM10.

Thank you very much; your replies have been always helpful. I will follow your suggestion.