How to simulate HAPs with cmaq

Hi All,

I want to simulate HAPs with cmaq, What modifications should I made to the cmaq compilation? and what HAP species should be available in the cmaq input emissions as primary emissions?


To utilize the full list of toxic air pollutants available in the CMAQ system you will need to use the cb6mp_ae6_aq chemical mechanism for simulations using CMAQ versions 5.3 through 5.3.3. See this table in the CMAQ GitHub repository for more information on cb6mp:

In CMAQv5.4, which will be released within the month, the chemical mechanism for simulations of HAPs will be updated to cb6r5hap_ae7_aq. Updates in this mechanism will be described in the v5.4 release notes.

Please see this page for a general overview of modeling HAPs in CMAQ.

To see what emissions are needed to simulate HAPS in CMAQ version 5.3.3, check the file, main/CCTM/src/MECHS/cb6mp_ae6_aq/EmissCtrl_cb6mp_ae6_aq.nml, where HAP species are listed. Note that CMAQ version 5.4 will use the file, main/CCTM/src/MECHS/cb6r5hap_ae7_aq/CMAQ_Control_DESID_cb6r5hap_ae7_aq.nml, to define this information.