CMAQ-5.3.1 add new PM emissions

Hi everyone,
I am using CMAQ-5.3.1 for mercury simualtion and i added several new emission species by editing the emission control file. The emisison control file is attached here. I added the PM_hg emission under “Particulate Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs)” part. From the simulation results. My HG_PM2.5(APHGJ especially, HG_PM2.5= APHGI +APHGJ) concentration seems much lower than the other person’s result who did the same simulation using CMAQv5.0.2. I doubt that my PHGI emission was not correctly read. My question is, if i want to add new pm emission species, PHGI in my case, is it enough to just add it in the emission control file? Are there other files that need to be edited? Did i add the emissions right? (PHGI emission is read from emis_mole_all file)Any suggestion is appreciated.
EmissCtrl_cb6mp_ae6_aq.nml.txt (31.5 KB)