How to use inlineto2d tool


I am working on EGU emissions so would like to visualize the inline emission files. I searched the forum and found there was a tool called inlineto2d that had the function. However, I only found its description but not how to use it in the user manual. Would you please explain a little bit about how to run it?


inlineto2d is one of SMOKE utility tools. Check out your SMOKE executables directory ($SMK_BIN). Here is the details.

Hi BH,

Thanks for your prompt reply. Yes, I can find the executable under the directory 2016platform/smoke4.7/Linux2_x86_64ifort. But there is no run script for it. How should I define the input files for it?


You should create your own simple c-shell script to execute the tool. Define the input and output files names (setenv INFILE,…)

Hi BH,

I was able to run inlineto2d after following your guidance. The script I used to run it is:

However, I met another error:


Is inln_mole_ptegu_xxxxxxxx.ncf the right inline file to process?


Please set PROMPTFLAG to Y. (setnev PROMPTFLAG Y)

After setting it, the same error still remains.


I am sorry. You need to set the PROMPTFLAG to N to bypass the prompt commands.

Here is one example run script for inlineto2d:

#!/bin/csh -f

setenv LOGFILE LOCAL/logs/inlineto2d.{SOURCE}.log
setenv INLN OUTPUT/sginlnts_l.{SOURCE}.20050710.1.us12-nc.nctox.ncf
setenv STACK_GROUPS OUTPUT/stack_groups_out.{SOURCE}.us12-nc.nctox.ncf
setenv OUTFILE LOCAL/output/output.{SOURCE}.ncf



Thanks for the example script, BH. I did pass the previous error by setting PROMPTFLAG to N. However, it gave me another error:
It seems inlineto2d needs another input file G_GRIDPATH but I do not know what it refers to.


Hi BH,

Thanks for the instructions you provided. This issue has been solved by adding GRIDDESC. G_GRIDPATH, and IOAPI_GRIDNAME_1 to the environment.


Glad to hear you were able to successfully run the tool. Best of luck!

Hello @qluo

I am having similar issues. How did you add GRIDDESC. G_GRIDPATH, and IOAPI_GRIDNAME_1 to the environment?.

Would you please share you script?

Thanks in advance

Here is the script I used. run_inlineto2d.csh (829 Bytes) Hope it helps.



Hello @qluo Thank you so much. It helps a lot.

Hi @lizadams and @Ryan I am trying to find out IOAPI_GRIDNAME_1 from the May1st_Annual_ptegu_onetime_summer_12US2_2028fh1_16j.csh.txt (7.5 KB) May1st_Annual_ptegu_daily_summer_12US2_2028fh1_16j.csh.txt (7.5 KB) directory_definitions_12US2.TXT (3.9 KB) files I used for ptegu sector run. These files are the EPA 2016v1 SMOKE files.

I understand the 12US2 grid is used for the ‘ptegu’ sector. But I can’t find the cell numbers.

I saw from the inlineto2d script I have to use something like this:

setenv IOAPI_GRIDNAME_1 12US1_459X299 ,

What is the grid name and cell numbers for the EPA 2016v1 SMOKE Run for the ‘ptegu’ and ‘ptnonipm’ sector?

Thank you

You need to look into the GRIDDESC file under the ancillary data to find the 12US2 grid. You can see in the file names they are for 12US2.

I believe it’s just called 12US2, but you can cross check with the GRIDDESC.

Hello @eyth.alison

I couldn’t find out the name from ancillary data. I looked at the file griddesc_lambertonly_18jan2019_v7.txt (11.8 KB) .

Am I looking at the right file?

However, I just used 12US2 and ran the inlineto2d tool and the run is successful.