I have a problem installing CMAQ pshut.F.53 error

I am installing CCTM but I still cannot build this…
How can I solve this?

Does STATE3.EXT exist in that lib/x86_64/gcc/ioapi/include directory?
You need to ensure that the INCLUDES specified in your Makefile point to the ioapi/fixed_src directory.


Of course I have!
I linked in fixed_src as well

The fixed_src directory does not have .f files in it; the directory whose files you listed is the ioapi directory, rather than the ioapi/fixed_src directory. The ioapi directory should not be included with -I (and it looks like it is not.) Check again that the fixed_src directory contains the correct files, that you have execute permission on the directory, and that you have read permission on the files.

Did you copy any .EXT files into the ioapi/lib directory? The include directories are searched in the order specified, so if a version of STATE3.EXT is found before the “right” one, then you will get an error.

Perhaps someone familiar with the system at UNC can help.

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I did not copy the file.
I have just installed so it is pristine.

I copied old ioapi files to my directory. Thank you