Intel F16C and LZCNT instructions in test case

I am trying to run the SMOKE test case and when I run the smk_area_nctox.csh with

source smk_area_nctox.csh

I get the error

/bin/rm: No match.
/bin/rm: No match.
Running part 1…

Please verify that both the operating system and the processor support Intel® F16C and LZCNT instructions.

I am trying to run the test case on VM running Ubuntu 18.04 hosted using KVM and Virtual Machine Manager.

./smk_area_nctox.csh gives the same error.

Please do not use “source” to invoice any run script like smk_???_nctox.csh. Source command is not designed for invoking any run scripts. just use “./smk_area_nctox.csh”

@bbaek I also tried ./smk_area_nctox.csh and got the same error.

I figured this out. It turns out there were CPU flags not enabled when creating the virtual machine. If you are using KVM you need to make sure to use the option that lets you copy host CPU configuration. Otherwise, you will be missing the f16c flag, which is needed.