Smoke Test Case - Correct Answer Differences

Admittedly, I’m not well experienced in Linux. I found that when following the instructions on the SMOKE test case, I could not get through error free. I’d like to see at what point I made a mistake, or if I am misunderstanding how to perform the test.

I am using Fedora 28 and have been using tcsh to run every command. Smoke has been installed in /usr/bin/smoke and I have modified the file .tcshrc to automatically set SMK_HOME to that directory.

After following the instructions Section 12.3, I moved to 4.3. If there is another step I need to follow for installation, I’d love to know!

I ran each command in Section 4.3 in order like “./smk_area_nctox.csh.” Each command would fill the terminal with information about the application.

Running grep ERROR * returned these results.

Running “check_smk_install” returned:
diff: missing operand after ‘/usr/bin/smoke//subsys/smoke/doc/checkdemo/reports’
diff: Try ‘diff --help’ for more information.

Differences between your installation and correct answers exist!
Please refer to file $SMKROOT/doc/install_diffs.txt for details.

Finally, within the file install_diffs.txt I found:
Stationary area source differences
Biogenic source differences
Nonroad source differences
Point source differences
MOVES rateperdistance source differences
MOVES rateperhour source differences
MOVES ratepervehicle source differences
MOVES rateperprofile source differences

Sorry for the clutter of information! I don’t know what to provide so I would rather give it all at once. I would appreciate any help on getting me to the point where the test case runs successfully. Thank you in advance!

For some reasons, I do not see Smkmerge and Movesmrg log files from your runs. All sectors (area, biogenic, nonroad, point, MOVES rateper****) should have Smkmerge and Movesmrg (for MOVES only) log files. Can you download the package fresh and follow the insturctoin at Section 12.3 and 4.3 again? If you do not see the log files from all sectors, you may need to recompile SMOKE on your server (Section 12.4).