Cntlmat run issue

I would like to run Cntlmat and Grwinven using the /PROJECTION/ packet to scale certain emissions. I have already created my GCNTL file, but am having some trouble running the programs. It seems as though there is no command in the smk_$SRCABBR_*.csh run scripts that run the Cntlmat and Grwinven programs, and it is the cntl_run.csh file that has all of the configuration variables and run commands. Using area sources as an example, I made the following changes:

  • Added “RUN_CNTLMAT Y” and “RUN_GRWINVEN Y” to the smk_area* run script
  • Added “source cntl_run.csh” after it sets RUN_PART1 Y and sources the assigns file, but before it runs smk_run.csh and qa_run.csh
  • In cntl_run.csh, I updated the file path and name of the GCNTL file

When I try running this, there’s nothing indicating that these programs have been run (i.e. no logs in the $SMKDAT/run_$ESCEN/static/logs/ directory, no growth matrix at $SMKDAT/run_$ESCEN/static/apmat*, and no growth factor report at $REPSTAT/aprojrep*). However, at one point I accidentally ran it with RUN_CNTLMAT set to N, and the Grwinven program ran (as I could see by the output of a grwinven log), but failed because it couldn’t open the* file, even though that file existed and had contents.

Is this understanding and these revisions correct? Any recommendations on how to proceed are much appreciated.

I can email you two future growth/control SMOKE run scripts that you can work with (Provide your email address directly). To enable Cntlmat and Grwinven runs, you need to use “cntl_run.csh” script from your run script. You can review these attached scripts to understand how Cntlmat and Grwinven get called and invoked through the run scripts.

Thank you, that would be great! I will message you my email address.


Please, I need these future growth/control SMOKE run scripts too.

Thanks a lot.


Hi All,
I think it will be your best option to download the SMOKE version 2.4 package (run and installation scripts) for you to have the working setup for Cntlmat and Grwinven runs.

Once you download them, you can replace all the precompiled executables (version 2.4) with your latest version executables. Unless you are running Movesmrg, these older version of run scripts for Cntlmat and Grwinven should work.

Hi all,

Sorry for the late response. I ended up resolving the issue by writing a simple Python script to scale the annual emissions values in my raw inventory files. This way I did not need to use Cntlmat and Grwinven.

Thank you,

Dear @epenning,

I sent you a message requesting for the Python script you used. Kindly respond to my request.