Is it possible to integrate CMAQ output into ArcGis

Good afternoon. Can you please tell me if CMAQ output can be integrated into ArcGIS to create a web application?

See, particularly the section CF-Convention Metadata

In short, the command


turns on the creation of CF metadata for new files created by programs run after this command has been issued. If you have an old file, you can do this command, then use the M3Tools program m3cple to copy it to a new file with CF metadata included.

ArcGIS can read CF-netCDF files (in principle). Note, however, that ArcGIS has trouble generally with time dependent data, and most of the I/O API model data that we’re interested in is time dependent. You may have to create single-timestep intermediate files to get the data-import to work ;-(

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thank you very much for such a detailed answer