Is there available CO2 and CH4 emission input files in NEI2011 for SMOKE

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I have a quick question, are there available CO2 and CH4 emission input files for NEI2011 to run SMOKE?

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There are several versions of the 2011 platform data posted, but CO2 is only available for a subset of sources.

CH4 is typically produced through speciation, so may be included.

Thus a complete set of CO2 and CH4 for 2011 is not available.

Hi Alison,

Thank you for your reply and this information!
Sorry, I am a little confused. What do you mean by a subset of sources?
I wonder if there is any way to use SMOKE to get CO2 and CH4 emissions for 2011.
If not, I may have to turn to other ways to do that.

Thank you.

The 2011 platform emissions that are posted for emission modeling are stored here:

There is no CO2 included for nonpoint sources in the 2011 platforms.

There is no CO2 for commercial marine vessels – and probably not for locomotive / rail / aircraft sources.

For 2011, the number of point sources that include CO2 would be pretty limited – although coverage has improved in more recent years.

I am not sure if the 2022 inventories for onroad and nonroad include CO2 - you could check the files.

So, overall, I don’t think the 2011 platform inventories reflect CO2 for most of the sources that emit it, and therefore would not be a good data source for modeling CO2 in 2011.

I see, thank you for the quick reply and this detailed information!

Hi Alison,

Sorry, one more question, could I know which each year’s inventory should be sufficient to run SMOKE to get CO2 and CH4 emissions?

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None of the NEI / modeling platform inventories have those emissions for all sectors – notably nonpoint emissions are missing them.

2020 has the most coverage including facility totals from EPA GHG reporting program and some State / local emissions

CO2 is included for mobile sources, and CH4 for some mobile sources (not CMV).

CO2 and CH4 are included for wild and prescribed fires.

I see, thank you for this information!

P.S. if you which to retrieve any CO2 emissions from 2020, you can go here:,currsel

The modeling platform is not yet posted but should be later this summer.

I see, thank you again for this information!